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Dr. Ahmad Noori, is an Afghan-German medical doctor and founder of Dr. Vegan. His interest in cooking and nutrition was shaped by his family life and personal experiences. As a child, Ahmad was influenced by his father’s pizzeria in Hamburg and aspired to own his own restaurant one day.

Ahmad’s relationship with food extends beyond passion; it serves as a pathway to a balanced lifestyle. Struggling with weight issues early in his life, he turned to cooking as a way to take control of his health. Later, as a boxer who won multiple national titles, he delved deeply into the science of nutrition and used this knowledge to help him increase his athletic performance. His early work experiences as a pizzaiolo and chef during his high school years provided him with a practical education in the food industry.

While attending medical school, Ahmad continued to pursue his love for cooking. Despite a demanding academic schedule, he actively shared his cooking videos on social media platforms, attracting a large following. Throughout his journey, Ahmad has remained committed to making the kitchen accessible, thereby empowering a community to find joy in cooking.

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